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Here are the opening paragraphs to articles I’ve been writing in recent months and occasionally years.

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Silence Is Not an Option
Peace Is Possible in Our Time

Jews and Moslems can live together and bring prosperity to each other. Neither has to behave precisely like the other, but they have to respect each other’s traditions and culture. I lived with Moslem Arabs most of my life in Israel. I learned Arabic. I went to school with Arabs. I was their lawyer, and they were devoted clients and good friends to my father before he died. Many Arabs and Jews retained this approach.

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Failed Empathy

How could the Nazis do such monstrous things to others? Did they lose their own humanity? Presumably, they considered themselves human. But in order to be able to torture and kill their victims, they must have considered the victims less human.  The Nazis did not invent racism merely to feel superior. In fact, they started hate and persecution when they lost the First World War and suffered internal financial disaster and deep humiliation. They may have needed to create their racial theory in order to raise and maintain their pride, by de-humanizing others.

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Securitizing the Notes of Needy Small Businesses and Workers

Businesses, restaurants, and shops, whether small or large, are currently closed and many of their employees are laid off. The government lends money to small businesses and unemployed workers, for their sustenance. It then collects the payments from some of the borrowers, and the source of the rest of the money from taxes. Since not all, or perhaps only a few, small businesses own real estate, they sign notes to repay the loans but can offer no asset backing.

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The Art of Creating
a Vague Message
without Being
Literally False

On July 10, 2020, The Wall Street Journal published a short article entitled “The Supreme Loser: Pelosi’s House” by Kimberly A. Strassel.”[1] This is an interesting heading worth considering. The word “Supreme” does not necessarily mean the Supreme Court. Yet “Supreme” is followed by the word “Loser.” Usually, Supreme party does not lose, because the word “supreme” is the highest of something, and is used by the title of the Supreme Court. Readers, without in-depth analysis, nor time, might connect the meaning this way, especially in the political context of the name Pelosi, which is followed by the word “House.”

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The Disunited States

This is a lament over the United States (US), slow but sure move towards becoming the Disunited States (DS). We should learn from the virus that has attacked us so effectively. How could a small, insignificant, living unit, kill so many humans, who are far smarter and stronger than this tiny unit is? Why do some human countries manage to reduce the number of dead hit by this virus, while others, like the US, are failing?

US is a rich and large country. To be sure, it has various different kinds of citizens. But to protect itself from the attack of the virus, this variety of citizens may offer riches and talents that a smaller country may not be able to produce. Where did all the talent and wealth go? Why does the US continue to suffer from the deadly virus similarly to poor, if not the poorest, countries on this earth?

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The Illusion of Democracy: When Money Votes

The structure and substance of the e-mails concerning political voting are almost identical. The e-mails start with a request for information about the recipient’s opinions, wrapped with a compliment—your opinion is SO important. As no payment is made or perhaps even if payment is made the notices continue.

The continuous notices include continuous shrieking of a disaster. Thus, the messages include: (i) disaster (ii) compliments to the recipient on his or her importance and (3) request for money which can be also attractive—a few cents—like the old song: “Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime.”

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