Food for Thought

Learn from the Virus?

Humans should learn from the virus, tiny living units that band together, whose number grows to hit us, the human developed species. I am not sure that the virus has feelings or ability to think, but we, humans, do, and we could use feelings and thinking far better than we do.

Instead of employing our abilities to support each other, we compete, kill each other, and suffer as well. I suspect that killers and competitors are unhappy and not safe.

How can we humanize our behavior? I believe that we must start preparing to educate and create another type of human. Honest, Supportive, and able not only to be trustworthy, but also to feel empathy for others. Is this a dream? Perhaps.

But we can begin by agreeing to follow this dream and try to change human society.

Let us try it. We may like it.

America’s $$ Democracy $$

The following is a typical e-mail message from the Democratic party to which I belong. I receive a continuous stream of these messages telling me:

Why should I notice or complain to anyone about a request to donate a miserable $5?

After all, this election is a serious issue. I do want to stand with Democratic senators. I could, of course vote, and do vote, for my Democratic representatives, but that would be limited to the State, where I reside. Would I not be a loyal Democrat for $5, which I can afford? What is the big deal? 

Here is the underlying design and manipulation:  

  1. Start with the disastrous danger to the Democratic party and the country.  
  2. Follow with how important I and my opinions are.  
  3. I am asked to be a donor of a minimal smallest dollar number: $5. 
  4. The request for this miserable amount comes from a past president of the United States or sometimes a senator and another important person.

In sum, I am important and the leaders of this country beg me for a miserable amount of $5.  

This approach seems to be effective. Otherwise it is doubtful that the party leaders and its fund raisers would use it continuously.

So what is wrong with this approach if it presumably works so well?

Presumably, if it did not work, it would not be used.

Even if it is manipulative, do we not all manipulate each other? Is it not our nature? 

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